Books on the Nightstand Summer 2015 Book Bingo!!!

After a giant book avalanche that took out one of my lamps and buried a few stuffed animals alive last night, it has come to my attention that my TBR stack can be neglected no more. How did my book hoard get so out of control you may ask??? Well, you see, between school and work, it is often difficult to find time to just sit in my book nook with a cup of hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows, of course) and get immersed in a book that isn’t a textbook or required reading. However, that doesn’t stop me from buying up books when studying in a Chapters, or popping into used bookstores on my way home from studying with a friend. Picture 19With the arrival of summer, I began picking away at my TBR pile, but made no real progress in reducing its looming presence in front of my bookshelf. That’s right: there are so many books I have yet to read that they no longer all fit on my shelves. I know, I have a problem. But, in the words of Lucy van Pelt, “admitting you have a problem means you are not too far gone.” To continue on with the psychological jargon, the book avalanche was the wake-up call that I needed to remind me that we are now into the beginning of July, and I at least want to have made a dent in my TBR pile before school starts up again and it’s back to textbooks. In order to tackle this ominous, now-toppled tower of books, I am joining in on Books on the Nightstand’s Summer Bingo, along with Annabel’s House of Books, Savidge Reads, and hopefully many other book bloggers. If you are curious about what this is all about then allow me to explain. The hosts of Books on the Nightstand podcast have devised over 140 possible categories of books that form a 5×5 bingo card that you can read through, marking off a square each time, until you get a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line, or a full house if you’re feeling ambitious. This is a super fun way to tackle a TBR list, or, in my case, a once great stack of literature turned lopsided rubble. To join in on the fun, all you have to do is click here to have a bingo card randomly generated for you. Here’s my card: 20150704-095711.jpg While most of these seem fairly doable, I am struggling to think of books for a few of them:

  • Cozy Mystery: I am not entirely sure what this even means. A mystery book that I can get cozy with and read??? A mystery with characters that get a little too cozy, if you know what I mean???
  • Popular Science: This just sounds super broad to me, and what separates science from popular science??? That more people know about it??? That Bill Nye the science guy did a show on it???
  • A non-human main character: The first thing that popped into my head was Twilight, which a) I read way back in the day, and b) wasn’t a huge fan of when I read it way back in the day. Other than YA novels centered around half-vampire teenagers, I can’t think of any books that would qualify, and would love suggestions that don’t involve blood-sucking or shape-shifting creature-people.
  • About books, bookstores, or publishing: A book about books . . . I don’t suppose those books about books to read would count for this one, would they???

I may have books that would work for these categories and not know it, or just be completely missing what these category titles are trying to get at. Help!!! I would love book recommendations for these troubling categories, and any of the other categories on my card. Also, please feel free to share a link to your blog so I can have a look at your card and what books you’ll be reading this summer. And remember, if you want to get in on the action, click here to get started!!!


2 thoughts on “Books on the Nightstand Summer 2015 Book Bingo!!!

  1. Sorry I’m late in responding. I think I can help you out a bit…

    Cozy mystery: These are a category of mystery where the violence happens off the page — often they revolve around a theme, like food, or cats, or knitting. Often the main character is someone who just happens to stumble upon the mystery, and not a professional detective. Think Miss Marple or that old TV show Murder She Wrote.

    Popular Science — i.e., not something written for an academic or specialist audience. On my list in this category is Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction.

    Non-human main character: Winnie the Pooh is wonderful, if you haven’t read it. Lots of kids’ books qualify. Also Watership Down (rabbits), Animal Farm.

    About Bookstores, books, or publishing – here are a few ideas: 84 Charing Cross Road (amazing!), The Storied Life of AJ Fikry (adorable), Muse by Jonathan Galassi (novel by the head of Farrar Strauss & Giroux that’s inside publishing).

    Hope this helps! Have fun!


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